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our story

From a passion and creativity founded in a garage with a newly purchased roaster in 2008, three like-minded professionals and friends grew Blue Sky Coffee into the boutique roastery it is today.

In its central Woolloongabba headquarters, you will find a Roastery and Espresso Bar with great baristas serving beautiful coffees, and a dedicated team freshly roasting premium beans daily to deliver to discerning cafes and restaurants all over Brisbane and beyond.

We believe coffee holds a place in people’s lives as much more than just a drink. This addictive elixir plays an important role in society, enhancing social interaction, and provoking stimulating thought and creativity. At Blue Sky Coffee we know this better than anyone. We look forward to becoming part of your journey towards the ’perfect cup’.


Who is Blue Sky Coffee?

The director of Blue Sky Coffee is Paul Licina, a Brisbane spine surgeon. When not at his medical practice, SpinePlus, he enjoys spending time in the cafe as well as the roastery. His goals are to produce the best coffee possible and share it with like-minded people, and to have fun while doing it.

Our first order of green beans was delivered while we were at work, on a day with rain threatening. As we rushed to move the beans under cover, a storm appeared. As we approached the house in driving rain, a patch of ‘blue sky’ appeared and the beans remained dry. As we sat on the deck celebrating the salvage of the beans and admiring the city view, the name ‘Blue Sky Coffee’ and the logo depicting Brisbane’s skyline was born.

our philosophy

We advocate only premium quality beans.

Coffee beans, like wine grapes, vary in flavour and quality according to the bean variety, the local geography and climate, and the cultivation, harvesting and processing methods. Arabica varieties are higher quality than robusta varieties, and certain regions within coffee-growing countries produce better beans than others.

We believe that different tastes require different coffees. There are those who enjoy a soft, smooth milk-based espresso coffee, while others want their coffee short, black, strong and punchy. Some enjoy a gentle plunger coffee in the mornings.

Finally, there are those that want a rich complex coffee but desire reassurance that what they drink is grown organically and in an eco-friendly way. We have catered for all these tastes and brewing methods with our different blends and roasts. Just as an appreciation of a fine wine is enhanced by understanding the origins and characteristics of the component grapes, we aim to enhance your enjoyment of our coffee by sharing with you where the beans in each blend come from, what characteristics they contribute and how we roast the beans to optimise these qualities.


Paul Licina


Award Winning Coffee

unit 9, 25 lerna street

woolloongabba, QLD 4102

p. 1300 232 575



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